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Welcome to Hearing Zone

Welcome to Hearing Zone!

Our Mission: To deliver true value to each of our patients by providing superior care, knowledge and technical expertise.

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Hearing Zone is celebrating 59 years of providing professional, quality audiology, hearing aid and tinnitus services to southeast Idaho. We are a locally owned and operated family business with the goal of providing comprehensive pediatric and adult hearing care at reasonable prices. Our Clinicians, led by Audiologist Dr. Kelley Olenick, are well known in the community, testing hearing at local physician’s offices and serving as adjunct faculty at Idaho State University.

  • Do you have trouble understanding certain voices? 
  • Do you have difficulty understanding one person next to you in a crowd? 
  • Do you ever miss the punchline when friends tell jokes? 
  • Do you misunderstand over the telephone? 
  • Is it a challenge for you to understand the teller at the bank?

All of these situations and more can result from hearing loss and leave you feeling left out. Hearing loss is an invisible barrier between you and the ones you love. With help from myself and my highly skilled staff, you can understand and enjoy conversations again.

On our website we can help you reconnect with Family and Friends. Why Wait? Come in Today!

Also on our website you can obtain tips for communicating with the hearing impaired. We have information to help you choose a provider and let you know what to expect during your evaluation. You can get advice on how to get the best results from hearing aids and learn about other devices that can help you hear the TV, the telephone at home, your cell phone and more. 

Thank you for visiting our site and do come see us in person soon. We have offices in Pocatello at the Pine Ridge Mall and in Blackfoot at 720 N. Meridian St, Suite B (in the same building as Family Vision Care).

"He who has ears, let him hear!"
- Matthew 11:15

"If I could choose between vision impairment and hearing loss, I would choose to have vision impairment because blindness separates me from things I can't see, but hearing loss separates me from people."
- Helen Keller