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In the ear or behind the ear? Mild, Moderate or Severe Hearing loss? Discreet, matching any skin tone or in your favorite color? There are many styles to choose from that meet your individual needs. At Hearing Zone, we have the choice to use all hearing aid manufacturers. For this reason, we will recommend the instrument technology for your needs from the manufacturer with the most appropriate technology.
IIC - This invisible in-the-canal solution is the ultimate in cosmetics without sacrificing sound quality or comfort. All components are housed in a tiny shell that fits so deeply in the ear canal that a removal handle is used to remove the instrument. 
CIC – The completely-in-the-canal solution is highly cosmetic and almost invisible. All electronic components are housed in a very small shell that fits in the ear canal.
Half-Shell – This solution fits attractively in the external ear. The instrument is easy to insert and features flexible controls and a longer battery life.
Full Shell – The full shell custom solution provides the most flexible options in a custom instrument. All the components are housed inside a compact shell tht fits with the external ear. Easy to insert and adjust, it is an excellent choice for those who require higher power instruments or who have limited dexterity.
Mini-Rite – the mini-Rite is a small, discreet, receiver-in-the-ear solution. This popular style is the ideal blend of comfort and versatility.
BTE Plus Power – This powerful instrument targets severe-to-profound hearing losses. The world’s smallest BTE13 provides users with up to 133 dB SPL of high quality sound. 
Pediatric Hearing Instruments come in many styles, sizes and colors -for every personality no matter the size!
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