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Because we truly care about our patients, we believe it is imperative that we stay abreast of the latest advancements in technology. We believe this is important because today's technology evolves and improves at a faster rate than ever before. Selecting the right instrument for your unique hearing needs is critical.

At Hearing Zone, you'll find only the finest instruments from the most reputable hearing labs around the country. Each hearing aid we provide is backed by national warranties, which are honored everywhere. If you move or even just take a trip, your hearing aids are covered.

While having the most up-to-date technology is important, proper hearing aid programming and management are just as vital. Let the trained experts at Hearing Zone use our advanced equipment to properly maintain and program your instruments for maximum performance.

As you explore some examples of our options below, you'll find that we carry the latest technology from the leading manufacturers, including Oticon, Siemens, Resound and others. We can program the majority of hearing aids available worldwide. 

If you have any questions or are experiencing an issue with your hearing aid, contact us at either our Pocatello or Blackfoot location.
Advance hearing technology

Advanced Hearing Technology

Digital hearing aid technology is always advancing with more sophisticated features that can enhance your adaptability to all kinds of situations. Some examples are:

Noise reduction - Determines if a signal contains unwanted background noise and reduces it if present. Background noise is less annoying and the hearing aid wearer's listening comfort is improved in noisy situations.

Directional microphones - Applies preference to sounds in front of the wearer and reduces sound from behind. This technology has been proven in studies to improve speech understanding in background noise.

Feedback management - Reduces or eliminates whistling that can often occur with hearing aid use, which improves your comfort.

Wind noise reduction - Reduces the noise created from wind blowing across the hearing aid's microphone(s). This feature is designed to improve comfort levels for those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Data logging and learning - The ability of your hearing aid to track and learn your preferences in various listening environments. This information can assist hearing professionals in making future programming adjustments and allows the hearing aid to adapt to your preferences.

Bluetooth interface - Establishes a wireless connection between hearing aids and Bluetooth compatible devices. This feature is designed to improve your convenience of use with devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, and computers.

Some of the Quality Hearing Instruments We Provide



With sound processing capabilities that are 50 times faster than we've ever been able to support before, Oticon Opn is fast and precise enough to support your brain in making sense of sound. Opn significantly reduces the effort you'll have to put into listening situations from simple everyday scenarios to complex circumstances.

Oticon Opn features market-leading resolution with 64 frequency channels, full environment analysis at more than 100 times per second, and the capacity to handle over 1.200 million operations per second.

Additionally, Opn has the world's first TwinLink communication system, which is a near-field binaural communication system that provides uncompromised binaural information exchange and 2.4 GHz Bluetooth capabilities.

All of these amazing features are possible thanks to the groundbreaking Velox platform, which is at the heart of Opn. We never compromise on delivering the best audiology. Get a true, open-sound experience from Opn by Oticon today.


Oticon Chili was developed in collaboration with real people who know and understand the everyday challenges that come with severe to profound hearing loss. This includes not only people who have hearing loss but also their families and friends who share the everyday challenges of communication with them.

Chili is Oticon's newest generation of Super Power hearing instrument. Chili introduces new approaches in audiology, connectivity, and reliability. It's more than just another powerful hearing instrument, it's a new way forward in meeting specific needs for those of you who struggle with severe to profound hearing loss.
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