Understanding the Cost

What are your REALLY getting?

Purchasing hearing aids is an investment in your overall health and wellness. That is because at Hearing Zone, every set of hearing aids comes with a lifetime partnership to care for your hearing health.

We believe the price of hearing aids should be transparent and include all the elements for which other healthcare companies, and even some of our competitors, typically charge. Included in the cost of your Hearing Zone hearing aids are:

  • A lifetime of aftercare including fittings, cleanings, check-ups and an annual hearing evaluation
  • A 3-year warranty
  • A 3-year loss and damage protection
  • No co-pays for the entire life of the device
  • Our full commitment to guarantee you’ll love your hearing aids
Hearing Zone’s pricing includes everything- from office visits, fittings and after-care. Whether you’re looking for cost-effective hearing aids, or top-of-the-line options, our selection of hearing devices offers you flexibility in pricing and functionality. Unlike competitors that fit only their own brands, we fit hearing aids produced by all the leading manufacturers. Once we’ve tested your hearing and learned your lifestyle demands, we guide you toward the product and features that best meets your needs and your budget.

Hearing Aids vs. PSAPs

You may have seen advertisements offering mail order personal sound ampli¬fication products (PSAPs). These products are NOT hearing aids. In fact, federal law prohibits PSAP companies from calling their products “hearing aids.” However, I can understand why people might confuse PSAPs with hearing aids. Some PSAP advertising comes very close to making claims that can be only be made for hearing aids. There are key differences between PSAPs and hearing aids.

Hearing aids are medical devices, intended to compensate for hearing loss, and they are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). PSAPs are designed to “increase environmental sounds for non-hearing impaired consumers,” says the FDA. PSAP devices amplify all sound over a broad frequency range. While hearing aids contain sophisticated sound processing that can be customized for individual hearing loss. 

We’ve seen countless patients in our office who first tried PSAP’s with poor results and were finally ready to try quality hearing devices programmed for their unique hearing loss. 

Here’s a good rule of thumb to follow: Do not purchase any product for a hearing loss — regardless of how it’s classi¬fied — unless it requires fitting by a clinical Audiologist. Schedule your appointment at Hearing Zone to learn more and receive your free hearing screening today.
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